Each program is a holistic program with a comprehensive approach so that you can get the most from the program, your sports performance training, and overcome major challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goals!

Athlete Unleashed

This is an extension of the book. The program is geared to the athlete at a crossroad which leaves him or her at a decision point. This crossroad is often burnout (physical and/or mental), injury or falling behind the level of competition. The Athlete Unleashed Program takes you through the key steps that are needed to get the most from your athletic journey. This allows you to make the more informed decision as to your next step forward.

Athlete Unleashed addresses the physical, mental and emotional aspects to make your athletic journey enjoyable, successful and fulfilling.

The Athlete Unleashed program addresses many different areas, including: creating joy in your sports experience, developing a championship mindset, creating a high level of performance training and athletic nutrition for your specific needs. These areas help you the athlete become successful now and into the future. The program helps you the athlete with the physical, mental and emotional areas within and outside of sport(s). We cover many different lessons including:

  • Establishing passion or rekindle passion if this has been lost
  • Planning for success within sport
  • Analyzing a variety of aspects to discover the areas to improve
  • Getting the most from the skills that you the athlete possesses
  • Improving relationships 
  • The best nourishment specific for your needs
  • The correct movement based on your needs and abilities
  • The key areas to address in order to avoid many injuries
  • Planning for the upcoming season, as well as the future
  • And much more!