Each program is a holistic program with a comprehensive approach so that you can get the most from the program, your sports performance training, and overcome major challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goals!

Baseball Pitcher Unleashed

The Pitcher Unleashed program is a coaching and training program focused on high school baseball pitchers. The emphasis is to help the high school baseball pitcher, whether a current team member or aspiring pitcher with:

  • Pitching movement mechanics
  • Pitcher specific strength
  • Championship mindset

The focus is to help the high school pitcher succeed at the high school level and beyond.

Choices for instruction:

For the baseball pitcher, there are camps and there are coaches. These are important options to teach the skills of pitching. This includes teaching the specific pitches, the strategy of pitching and fielding from the pitching position.

The Pitcher Unleashed Program:

Baseball Pitcher Under the Lights

Then there is the training and coaching of the other key aspects of a successful pitcher. This includes strength & conditioning, correcting any limitations in the pitching motion, power development, core development, high-performance nutrition and developing the pitcher’s championship mindset. That’s where the Pitcher Unleashed program fills the gap. Although there are different trainers and training programs for athletes, our program only focuses on the baseball pitcher!

High School aged Baseball Pitcher

We help the baseball pitcher:

  • Increase Velocity
  • Improve Pitching Accuracy
  • Reduce Elbow and Shoulder Soreness, Pain & Injury

The Pitcher Unleashed Program focuses on:

  • Strength and conditioning specific for the pitcher.
  • Removing obstructions that hinder the pitching motion.
  • Strengthening weaknesses in the pitcher’s body that limit his ability to effectively throw with high velocity and effectiveness.

Throwing motion from the mound:

Soreness, pain or injury in the throwing arm:

A pitcher pitches with his entire body. When a pitcher starts to experience arm issues (shoulder, elbow or wrist) soreness, pain or injury, almost everybody focuses only on the area that is experiencing the issue. If there is an injury, this must be addressed first. However, the next step to correct the cause of the issue is to address the complete pitching motion and find any limitations, weaknesses and inefficiencies that cause the pitcher to lose velocity within the pitching motion. This lost velocity will cause the pitcher to overuse his arm attempting to make up for this lost velocity.

Lacking velocity in the pitch:

If the pitcher is lacking velocity in his pitch and he is old enough for his body to handle it, he needs to start with the initial stages of strength training. This starts with a general strength training program to prepare and strengthen his body for more advanced stages of strength training later. This program must train his body to move better rather than only train his muscles to become stronger.

Baseball Pitcher Pitching Side View – 1

To clarify, machine based isolation training trains the muscles in the body in isolation of the other parts of the body. Movement based training trains the body to work together which is how you need to prepare the body to increase velocity without increasing stress on the arm. Movement based training includes using free weights, body weigh exercises, suspension straps and other such devices. Even if we look at some “machines” such as a cable system, these can be added to improve movement as long as the body is stabilizing the movement being trained.

Once general strength has been developed, the pitcher needs to focus on pitcher specific strength training. Our program guides the pitcher through this entire cycle of strength training including which type of strength and conditioning is needed during the four seasons: offseason, preseason, regular season and post season.

The start of the program:

The start of our in-person program is an assessment and analysis of the pitcher, his physical balance, mental approach and his lifestyle habits. We want to ensure that the pitcher has the best tools available so that he has the greatest chance of success.


Movement analysis:

  • Movements in the pitching delivery: lunge + twist + push
  • Spinal movement ability: flexion, extension and rotation
  • Shoulder alignment, stability and mobility

Postural alignment assessment:

  • Body position in space
  • Standing spinal curvature
  • Lower body tracking
    • Pelvis
    • Knees
    • Ankles

Core functional/balance assessment:

  • Abdominal flexor chain balance
  • Pelvis functional stability
  • Abdominal rotational balance

This program will help the high school pitcher increase pitching velocity, power and accuracy, reduce overall fatigue, and reduce shoulder & arm fatigue, pain, soreness and injury. The pitcher will have more joy for his sport and less anxiety, stress or pressure.

We address the pitcher as a whole, looking at each key area to address the biggest areas of needed improvement. These areas include:

  • Postural balance.
  • Core functional stability.
  • Restrictions with movement ability.
  • Ability to overcome setbacks.

Coaching and training is online, in-person or a combination of both options!

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, fill out the contact form:

Athlete Unleashed

This is an extension of the book. The program is geared to the athlete at a crossroad which leaves him or her at a decision point. This crossroad is often burnout (physical and/or mental), injury or falling behind the level of competition. The Athlete Unleashed Program takes you through the key steps that are needed to get the most from your athletic journey. This allows you to make the more informed decision as to your next step forward.

Athlete Unleashed addresses the physical, mental and emotional aspects to make your athletic journey enjoyable, successful and fulfilling.

The Athlete Unleashed program addresses many different areas, including: creating joy in your sports experience, developing a championship mindset, creating a high level of performance training and athletic nutrition for your specific needs. These areas help you the athlete become successful now and into the future. The program helps you the athlete with the physical, mental and emotional areas within and outside of sport(s). We cover many different lessons including:

  • Establishing passion or rekindle passion if this has been lost
  • Planning for success within sport
  • Analyzing a variety of aspects to discover the areas to improve
  • Getting the most from the skills that you the athlete possesses
  • Improving relationships 
  • The best nourishment specific for your needs
  • The correct movement based on your needs and abilities
  • The key areas to address in order to avoid many injuries
  • Planning for the upcoming season, as well as the future
  • And much more!

Overcoming Low Back Pain:

The Functional 6-Pack Program

5 areas to overcome your low back pain!

  1. Prepare Your Body
  2. Focused Isolation Training
  3. Full Body Strengthening
  4. Full Integration
  5. Regenerative Restoration and Recovery

2 ways to take part in the Functional 6-Pack program:

  • Self-Paced
  • Private Coaching (in-person or online options available)

Self-Paced Online:

 The self-paced online program is currently in development with the expected release date of June 10th. Presales are available right now.

Private Coaching:

This option is a custom program built specific for you and your individual needs based on the in-depth assessment results that establishes your starting point. I coach and train you through the program steps to help you reach the fastest results of eliminating your low back pain and return back to your normal activities with the peace of mind that your low back pain will not return from performing those regular activities that you love. If you are considering this option, contact me directly to ensure this is the best option for you and your needs. Spots are limited and only available to qualified candidates.

You don’t need to suffer from low back pain. Even if you have no explanation why you are dealing with low back pain, this program gets to the root of the most common low back pain issues, especially those that seem to have no explanation. Start now to overcome your low back pain and return to your activities that you love with peace of mind! For more details, visit the program website!