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We help athletes struggling with challenges, including:

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  • Burnout
  • Injuries
  • Low Energy
  • Anxiety
  • Overtraining
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Low Confidence
  • Poor Performance
  • Falling Behind Competition
  • Lacking Ability

Our program is built in 6-week blocks which are twice per week. Note: One time per week may be utilized when the athlete is in the middle of the season.

During each 6-week block, we focus on one major area in the way of the athlete reaching their overall goal. This ensures that the coach, athlete and everyone else involved has one focus.

Athletes can expect to improve and develop into a more well-rounded person and complete athlete. Some benefits to this custom coaching/training program include:

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  • Enhanced Passion and Joy
  • Develop a Strong Mindset
  • Eliminate Self-Defeating Mentality
  • Ability to Overcome Difficult Losses
  • Overcome Disempowering Beliefs
  • Better Communicate Their Wants, Needs and Desires

The program structure:

  • Initial Evaluation
    • Establishes the starting point and ensures the identification of underlying issues which will disrupt the focus.
  • 6 weeks of coaching designed specifically for the athlete, their sport and position.
  • Reevaluation:
    • Determines growth, results and the next steps moving forward.

What is coaching?

Coaching is helping the athlete with the mental and emotional aspects of the athletic journey. Without a strong mindset and the ability to overcome the many challenges inherent in the athletic journey, many athletes experience a premature end to their competitive sports participation. There are few athletes that have a naturally strong mindset. For the rest, the mindset must be developed. Coaching will fill this gap!

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